Aaron and his team of trainers are business men and women that are experts in multiple real estate fields. They know what you need to know to be successful because they are, successful! That’s the Aaron Adam’s Training difference, we are training you in the things we do every day in our businesses. Our courses will enable you to reach your financial goals.

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Construction 101 Training – Bundle Five


This Bundle includes the training, power point presentation, documents/contracts, monthly Zoom calls with Aaron & The Experts, and a live 2 day field training with our specialist.

Upon purchasing, you agree to the following:
I understand that Aaron Adams Training does not cover the cost of Airfare, Train tickets, Boat rides, Car, Uber, Taxi, Lyft, or other means of conveyance, Lodging, Meals or other travel expenses to attend live training. I will be contacted by Aaron Adams Training to schedule this live training event. Every effort will be made to schedule this live training to fit my schedule, but I am not guaranteed dates. I may request a refund if I am unable to be scheduled within 6 months of purchase.

Aaron Adams along with his project manager Lincoln Gardner and construction manager Robert Miller are a powerhouse team for rehabbing houses for flipping to homeowners and investors. Learn the insider construction secrets…budget estimates, construction crew selection, and managing projects from the team at Alpine Capital Solutions. They have made millions for real estate investors with their proven project management and construction techniques. This course will help investors control construction costs to make more from their real estate investments while avoiding some common pitfalls and costly mistakes.

Are you interested in controlling construction projects for your real estate investments without learning everything needed to become a general contractor?

This class is for you.

Are you looking to manage construction to keep your projects on time, within budget and at the quality you expect?

This class is for you.

 What will students learn in your course?

Overview of budget estimating, project management and construction language used in real estate investing.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Take the flipping course to get a full appreciation of construction management in the larger picture of your real estate investing goals.

Who are your target students?

Investors interested in construction management to control costs, time and ensure the quality they are expecting on their real estate investment properties.

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