Aaron and his team of trainers are business men and women that are experts in multiple real estate fields. They know what you need to know to be successful because they are, successful! That’s the Aaron Adam’s Training difference, we are training you in the things we do every day in our businesses. Our courses will enable you to reach your financial goals.

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Protected: Most Popular – Alpine Archives (MPAA)

  /  Protected: Most Popular – Alpine Archives (MPAA)
Since 2005 Aaron has created hundreds of hours of training and content. We have hand selected over 50 hours of training from Aaron and his partners over the years. Included in this section are: Cash Flow Field Training in Indianapolis from 2018; mindset training; webinars from Travis Howard; & content that Aaron has taught to asset protection groups.

If you have met Aaron at a live event, you can use your password to access the training here. If you would like to purchase the training you can proceed to the class page and add this package to your cart.

This series is a package and includes all of this content:

1 – FAQ about Alpine… one on one interview with Aaron talking about why we’re unique and how our businesses are put together
2 – WFMT (wholesaling/flipping/marketing tricks) Bonus Listsource: Training video we walk you through at listsource how to put together a list in your hometown to market to investors (like how do I identify all of the absentee homeowners on the west side of Phoenix etc…)
3 – WFMT (wholesaling/flipping/marketing tricks) Bonus Click2mail: we walk you through how to put together a postcard or letter campaign.
4 – WFMT (wholesaling/flipping/marketing tricks) Market: Travis Howard spends an hour walking you through segmenting your market and choosing a sub market in your town to focus your investing on
5 – WFMT (wholesaling/flipping/marketing tricks) Marketing: Travis Howard gives you his personal Marketing techniques that he has developed over the past 20 years to find deals. 70 minutes of powerpoint and very specific techniques that Travis uses to find deals in the hottest markets in the US.
6 – WFMT (wholesaling/flipping/marketing tricks) Flipping Formula and Finding Money: Aaron spends 46 minutes discussing flipping AND how to find the money for your deals… he walks you through funding sources.
7 – WFMT (wholesaling/flipping/marketing tricks) Closing Sellers and Finding Buyers: 45 minute training with powerpoint Aaron helps you find the Buyers to buy your wholesale deals AND how to negotiate with Sellers to get them to sell you deals for .60 on the dollar!
8 – WFMT (wholesaling/flipping/marketing tricks) Mindset 5 figure to 8 figure evolution: Listen to Aaron spend an hour on the topic of mindset. He will break down for you the weaknesses he had as a 5-figure income earner with a 5-figure mindset and walk you through his mental transformation into his 8 figure-income and 8 figure net worth.
9 – Bus Tour Field Training: We recorded Aaron out in the field at his properties on the bus tour… listen as he breaks down multiple aspects of his operation and techniques he has used to acquire a $250B portfolio
10 – EBITDA: Aaron thinks of his rentals like a business… listen as he spends 70 minutes discussing the CORRECT way to mentally approach and evaluate your cash flow properties
11 thru 22 – 12 Segments from Bus Tour by topic: Over 13 hours of content broken up and labeled by segment from Aarons Bus Tour trainings…. everything from meeting Aarons partners, contractors, financial advisors and private equity partners!!