Aaron and his team of trainers are business men and women that are experts in multiple real estate fields. They know what you need to know to be successful because they are, successful! That’s the Aaron Adam’s Training difference, we are training you in the things we do every day in our businesses. Our courses will enable you to reach your financial goals.

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Kathryn Butler

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Kathryn Butler

Kathryn has mentored, coached and trained thousands of students in the US and even students from Asia. She has also invested internationally.


Kathryn started investing in 1993.  She has a business degree and worked for a Fortune 500 company in Corporate America before “firing her boss” in 2000 to focus on her real estate investing.


Kathryn has had a property management company and has managed a large portfolio of her own single family and multi unit properties. She has also owned a 100+ mobile home park as well as a tiny house park. Kathryn lives on the beach in southwest Florida and is a Florida native. She does the majority of her investing in the US but has invested internationally, also. She has specialized in foreclosures, rentals, property management, rehabbing, wholesaling and creative financing.  Her favorite strategy is to buy a property using either cash, HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) or OPM; rehab it and do a cash out refinance, thereby getting all her money back and pocketing or reinvesting the rest –– all tax free! Kathryn tries to source her deals different ways and teaches her students over 100 different ways! She even bought a property from a guy in jail!! Her motto is “Real estate is an addiction and I’m going to create a 12-step program for it!” Her passion is helping others achieve their success and says all her students’ success is her reward.