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Dennis Blitz

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Dennis Blitz

Dennis is President of IRA Club. After college Dennis completed Post Graduate work at the Wharton School of Economics and Stanford University. Dennis was a founder of Dearborn Financial Publishing which he grew into the nation’s largest publisher of texts on financial compliance and regulations for the Securities, Real Estate and Insurance industries.


In 2009, Dennis started the IRA Club, today the company has thousands of satisfied clients in all 50 States. IRA Club has helped over 10,000 individuals with answering the questions on their IRA and Solo 401(k), focusing always on ways to use these valuable tools to increase their wealth. Many people have turned old underperforming IRA or Solo 401(k) accounts into high preforming Self Directed accounts.


Dennis continues to speak and write on the best use of IRAs and 401(k)s and is a recognized authority on the topic.


Dennis and his wife have 4 adult children and 9 grandchildren. His wife Gayle and their therapy dog Rudy have volunteered over 3,000 hours working with children who have severe handicaps to help them achieve independence.