Aaron and his team of trainers are business men and women that are experts in multiple real estate fields. They know what you need to know to be successful because they are, successful! That’s the Aaron Adam’s Training difference, we are training you in the things we do every day in our businesses. Our courses will enable you to reach your financial goals.

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Brittney Echols

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Brittney Echols

Brittney is the Director of Acquisitions for Alpine Property Management in Indianapolis and also serves as an operator for the Alpine KC office with Timothy Cheadle and Aaron Adams. She has purchased over 3000 homes between 6 US markets in the past 5 years. She acquires investment properties through auctions, direct mail, wholesaling and networking. She also hosts a meet up group on behalf of Alpine Capital Solutions that teaches and guides local investors and wholesalers to invest in real estate by sourcing properties. With all the knowledge and experience she has obtained from working under Aaron, she currently spends her time grinding in three markets generating an inventory of assets for the Alpine operations while also building her own cash flowing portfolio with rentals, flips, airbnbs and notes and owning a barbershop with her husband, Tanner. Brittney was born and raised in Texas where she graduated with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. Upon meeting Aaron Adams and his team she decided to take on the opportunity, relocate and build a future of knowledge and wealth.