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Air BnB 101 Training – Bundle One

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Air BnB 101 Training – Bundle One


About this course

This is Bundle One! Check out our One-Day AirBnB Training Bundles!

Aaron Adams purchased and furnished his first Airbnb several years ago in Indianapolis IN.  He has made millions from other real estate investing strategies.  He currently owns 30 dedicated Airbnb properties.  He has learned a TON about this specific strategy.  Aaron and his full time Airbnb manager Deven break down for you everything from how to furnish them, deal with tenants and best utilize the Airbnb platform.


If you have thought about Airbnb and wondered if this is a good investing strategy for you, after this 4.5 hour training you’ll 100% know what your next step will be!


Can I Just enroll in a single course? I’m not interested in a package of courses in real estate investing?

Yes!  You can take each individual course at your pace, and buy them one at a time at your own pace.  You can also buy a package of courses if you are interested in learning multiple strategies for real estate investing.

What background knowledge is necessary?

Our classes in the 100 and 200 level do not require prerequisites.  If you are in a higher level course, the prerequisite or recommended additional courses will be identified in the course description.

Do I need to take the courses in a specific order?

Our 100 and 200 level courses are designed to get your started in whatever strategy you are interested in, based on what you feel is right for your specific situation and your personality. If you are unsure where to start, you should take the real estate basic course and get oriented on the available strategies.

Are travel expenses covered in the cost of live classes and events?

No, travel expenses including airfare, rental cars, meals and other student expenses are not included in the cost of live classes, coaching and mentorship programs.